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Trans Bibliographies (lists of trans books)
Seattle Public Library - Trans Books & Videos by John Otto, Seattle Public Library
FTM Books by John Otto, 2011
Trans bibliography by Nancy Silverrod, San Francisco Public Library, 2008
Trans bibliography by the GLBT Roundtable of the American Libraries Association, 2005
"Gender Transgression in Books for Children, Teens, and Caring Adults" by Nancy Silverrod, San Francisco Public Library

Transgender People - Moving From "Them" to "Us" - presentation, variations given at ALA Annual 2015; staff trainings at Seattle Public Library, Everett Public Library, and The Evergreen State College
Working With Clueless Librarians - Meeting the Information Needs of the Transgender Community - presentation given at Gender Odyssey 2009
Addressing the Information Needs of Female-to-Male Transsexuals - presentation given at ALA Annual 2007 and at GLBT ALMS 2006
Identity Documents, Information Privacy, and Transgender People
Transgenderism and Intersexuality - Differences and Commonalitites
All About T - Testosterone for FTMs

Privacy Resources

Academic Paper
Information Instruction for FTMs - paper (targeted to librarians)

updated January 17, 2012